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Sabro Cooler SRC 6500 (With 2 ice Botal Free )

Original price was: ₨ 30,900.Current price is: ₨ 23,500.

  • Portable Air Cooler
  • Plastic Body
  • Crystal Ice Box
  • 3 Ice Gel Bottles
  • Cross Drift Technology Ice Box
  • Energy Efficient
  • Powerful Air Cooling
  • Smell Free Honeycomb Pads

Dealivery Available All Pakistan

Pure Plastic Body

♻️Specifications :-

☑️Portable Air Cooler

☑️Cross Drift Technology Ice Box

☑️Energy Efficient

☑️PowerFul Air Cooling

☑️Smell Free Honeycomb Pads

☑️Brand Warranty

☑️Low Noise

☑️3 Sides Water Curtain Filter for Cooling

☑️Low Voltage (AC)

☑️Aero-Dynamic Fan

☑️2 Inch Hybrid Honey Comb Cooling threePads

☑️Large Size Water Tank

☑️3 Ice Gell Bottle

☑️Plastic Body

☑️Crystal ice Box

☑️Cooler Booster fan Cooler

☑️Fully Collapsible Louvers

☑️Chanel Water Distribution System

☑️High Performance Conductor Wire Motor

☑️30 /40 Feet Air Throw

☑️Unique ice Box

☑️With Official Company Warrenty


Sabro range of Desert Coolers gives you the perfect cooling solution in these rising temperatures. Its aerodynamic fan design fan blade ensures wider airflow and higher air delivery, making it an ideal fit for larger room areas. Not only that, the higher air delivery of 5500 m³/hr and high-density honeycomb pads ensure optimum cooling in large rooms thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the challenges of a regular cooler. It comes with a large and easy to clean ice tray, and maximum hygiene and #فَٹافَٹ Cooling. Additionally, the Ever-Last pump ensures improved performance in hard water that maximises the longevity of the product.


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